Back to Chiang Mai! (6/4/17 – 6/7/17)

I was so excited to get back to my hostel and see if my debit card had arrived (I was down to $19) that I basically ran the half mile back to my hostel, with Louise in tow to use my shower before heading to the airport. Much to my disappointment, it hadn't arrived yet. I called the bank to get a tracking number for the delivery so I could figure out an ETA and it wasn't expected to arrive for 3 more days! I spent most of the remainder of the day napping and trying to figure out how to make $19 feed me and provide me with drinkable water for the next 3 days.

Chiang Mai, Thailand (5/29/17 – 6/2/17)

I'm absolutely LOVING Chiang Mai! From the minute I got to my hostel a few days ago, I've just been constantly busy just exploring and getting to know the people in my hostel. I've made some wonderful new friends, all of which left for the town of Pai yesterday. I already miss them, but am thankful for a day of rest today. I was originally going to join them in Pai, but I forgot my debit card in an ATM and am stuck waiting in Chiang Mai for my replacement card to arrive. A very "Nina" thing to do, yes, but at least I've managed to hold on to my phone thus far!