The Journey from Da Lat to Mui Ne, Vietnam (7/3/17)

My Easy Rider trip from Da Lat to Mui Ne is one of the coolest things I’ve done on my trip so far. By the end, I was exhausted and sunburnt, but I saw so many wonderful things that I wouldn’t have seen had I not traveled this way. I saw everything from waterfalls to desert sand dunes; ocean beaches, secluded waterfalls, tribal villages; a mushroom farm, a coffee plantation, and I even got to pick my own fresh dragonfruit on a dragonfruit plantation. The view through the mountains was breathtaking, and my guide, Toe (I’m sure this isn’t the correct way to spell his name) taught me so many things about Vietnamese culture.

Da Lat, Vietnam (6/30/17 – 7/3/17)

My bus for Da Lat left Quy Nhon around 8pm. I got picked up from my hostel in a van and taken to the bus station to wait for a bit before the bus arrived. When I got on the sleeper bus, it was mostly full, but I saw one empty seat about halfway back and took it. The driver came back and started yelling at me, I couldn’t tell why, but then he made me show him my ticket - apparently it was assigned seating (a first for me on a bus in Asia). He took me to the back of the bus, where my seat actually was… Oh my god. The back of the bus doesn’t have divided sleeper seats like the rest of the bus. Instead, it’s a big open area with 5 spaces, all the same level, for people to lay down in. Since there is no real divider between the seats, it’s kind of a free for all for space. There was one small sliver left for me, between an old man and a family of SIX that was squeezed into 3 seats. 

Quy Nhon, Vietnam (6/27/17 – 6/29/17)

My bus for Quy Nhon picked me up from my hostel around noon. The bus was actually a mini van and I was crammed in with about 10 Vietnamese people. The trip was supposed to take around 5 hours, getting me to Quy Nhon around dinnertime. I wasn’t sure where the bus would drop me off, so I was kind of just hoping for the best that it would be walking distance to my hostel. I had a rough idea of where my hostel was and pinpointed it on my offline map just to make sure I didn’t get lost.