Back to Chiang Mai! (6/4/17 – 6/7/17)

I was so excited to get back to my hostel and see if my debit card had arrived (I was down to $19) that I basically ran the half mile back to my hostel, with Louise in tow to use my shower before heading to the airport. Much to my disappointment, it hadn’t arrived yet. I called the bank to get a tracking number for the delivery so I could figure out an ETA and it wasn’t expected to arrive for 3 more days! I spent most of the remainder of the day napping and trying to figure out how to make $19 feed me and provide me with drinkable water for the next 3 days.

I spent $4 at the good old 7-11 buying myself water, a loaf of bread, and peanuts to last me and planned on just laying low around the hostel until my card came. Honestly, I was ready for a break from the action and happy to enjoy some alone time.

The next day, Jordan and Leo decided to come back to Chiang Mai for a couple of nights. Jordan was nice enough to lend me some money until my debit card arrived and we went to a mall for him to buy socks and underwear, and for me to buy some new shoes (the Birkenstocks I brought have destroyed my feet, so all I’m left with are my Nike sneakers). I found some cheap slip ons for about $13. I had met a Dutch girl (Benthe) at our hostel and she decided to  come along. She’s only 19 and an absolute sweetheart. At one point, Jordan and I went to go exchange USD to baht and she went to a clothing store and planned to message Jordan when she was done, but ran out of data on her sim card. Her solution? Having the information desk page us throughout the whole mall to meet her at the KFC! We didn’t even actually hear the page but ended up running into her while walking past the KFC anyway.

All three of us were SO excited to find  a Western grocery store in the mall. It sold all kinds of cheeses, meats, and basic Western food items that are hard to come by in this part of Asia. We were so excited that we bought probably 4 cheeses between the four of us, 3 kinds of meat, olives, and Jordan, being from Switzerland, was excited to buy Swiss beer and chocolate to share with us. It was lost on me though – beer is beer and chocolate is chocolate, but I can tell you everything you need to know about different kinds of potato chips (:

We went back to the hostel and had our feast, sharing all of the different cheese and meat combinations with the adorable Thai lady on the front desk who had NEVER HAD BRIE! I’m sure that’s normal in Asia, but I can’t imagine.

Goodbye to my Jordan (right) and Leo (left)!

By the time we finished eating, my mom was awake and we had a FaceTime date. It was so, so nice to able to see her and the dogs.. I’d been missing them so much.The next day was pretty uneventful. Again wanting some alone time, I went off on my own to explore the city a little more in the daytime. On my way to my hostel from where the bus had dropped Louise and I off, we had passed a few places that had marked on my map to remember to go back to. I headed back to this area, got lost, and ended up finding and even more interesting area  with some small souvenir type places and interesting places to eat. Given my budget, I didn’t find anything that captured my heart enough to buy, but it was fun to slowly make my way up the street and just explore local shops. AND, by the time I got back, MY DEBIT CARD HAD ARRIVED!

Not much else of interest happened. We all had dinner at the night market again and the next morning, I left for Luang Prabang, Laos at 9am and Jordan and  Leo left for Hong Kong (a very very sad goodbye for all of us).

Side note – I apologize for how boring my posts are. I really am having the time of my life and meeting so many wonderful people that I’m not only just not finding the time to post, but when I do sit down to write, I’m finding that I’m having the same issue as when taking a photo: it never looks as good as it does in real life (:

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